11 January 2012


The Brazilians
ONE MODEL... MANY MODELS Milan is FULL of models right now. It's really easy to recognize them; tall, skinny legs, a coat, boots, maybe a hat and their book. Most of them actually have the same style... Usually its a groups of guys running around, or with their skateboards, looking on their map or ipad. So since I see them all the time I started taking pictures.

First I met quick Dino Sabanovic (Why Not Models) for some pictures, then I saw Ricardo dal Moro with his Brazilians friends coming from a Casting. Later in the afternoon I met Marco Castelli, a model from Sicily. We spent 4 hours together walking and running through Milan with his friends. I had a lot of fun. Especially when I was in the Showroom of "Les Hommes" (where I waited 1,5 hours) and I was surrounded by good looking, interesting "hommes" :) I guess I was in a place where a lot of girls would have loved to be. I also chatted with some guys, they told me about their experiences in the fashion industry, about their personal life such as when they started modeling, etc... Well they come from all around the world! In the end of my day I took the Tram with Douglas Neitzke , a Brazilian model.

After 4 hours of walking through Milan with Marco I was VERY TIRED!

So here are some guys that posed for me... (many were in a hurry)

Dino Sabanovic, Why Not Models

Marco Castelli, I LOVE Models Management

Kaari Jääskeläinen & Dustin Zegil

Diogo Wenzel, Elite Models from Brazil