27 May 2012

Fashion Week !

Soon Soon Soon is Fashion Week again. I just love Men Fashion Week... not because Milan is full of guys - NO - but because I have always liked Men clothes (I'm sure you're thinking that I'm lying but thats actually totally true) . I just love men clothes! I probably say that in all my posts about Fashion Week.
Usually Men have all the same style and I think its hard to be creative when designing Men clothes. So I think Men Fashion Week is always very interesting. 

This year I'm also going to Paris. I hope to be able to attend some shows there. I have been in Paris thousand of times but never during Fashion Week. I think its gonna be HOT and FULL of tourists (I'm not including me haha)

Here some posts about last MEN FASHION WEEK
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  2. Milan Fashion Week Men - The Models
  3. Sunday Shooting in Milan with The Boys
  4. All the Videos of the Boys
  5. Moncler Gamme Bleu Fashion Show
Milan Fashion Week Schedule is out !

Here some pics from Fashion Week that I like :)

Outside the DOLCE & GABBANA show
Jonathan & Kevin Sampaio. Twins... Twins... Twins... 

For me one of the most handsome men ever - ADAM SENN!
Coooolest blogger ever - Chiara Ferragni "The Blonde Salad".

Hans Hatt walking for Moncler Gamme Bleu in the Palazzo Clerici, Milano
Having fun shooting with the boys