#myexperience at Zermatt Unplugged 2016

April 20, 2016

Hello my dear readers.
Last October I attended the Zermatt Unplugged at Kaufleuten and at the end of the article I mentioned that I hope to visit the festival in Zermatt in 2016… and yes it happened.
Beginning of March I went to Zermatt with my best friend. We stayed at the Hotel Ambassador that was close to the train station, a super cute 4 star hotel with a spa area. Entering our room there was a big gift bag waiting for us with a huge beach towel from the festival and some sunscreen that unfortunately we weren’t able to use because the weather was horrible while we were there.

After unpacking and before lunch we went to get our media passes just in the middle of the village. The festival had some spots around with stages, foods and drinks. Super cool idea to get to know new and local artists. We didn’t stay at any of the places during the day due to my heavy headache I got after lunch but after our afternoon nap we were ready to go.

First concert that took place that night was at the Zeltbühne/ Marquee Stage. Literally a huge circus tent for aprox. 2’000 spectators in the centre of the village. With a huge “lobby” with bars and big chandeliers.
It was a perfect location for JAMES MORRISON and his band. I have always loved his voice and his songs, especially the old ones. Personally I thought that the concert was very calm. Probably because the audience was a bit older than usual so there wasn’t really a big sing a long to the songs. But James is a funny guy. He brought up jokes in between his songs and gave the place a better atmosphere.

Second concert was at the Vernissage and my third time seeing ALEX CLARE. Smaller location as the one before but damn, we got goosebumps as soon as Alex hit the stage. His voice is so strong!!! I will literally never forget my friends face as soon as he started singing.

Zermatt is simply amazing. It gives you such a great feeling up there. Definitely one of my favorites places in Switzerland.

Next edition is of Zermatt Unplugged is end of October in Zurich!! xx

Images by Zermatt Unplugged and Myself.

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