September 16, 2012
REVISTA ICONE My first work for a magazine. It came out last week in Brazil. I am really excited about it, I love it. It’s so weird to see myself on two pages but I can get used to it 🙂 I am doing this for a magazine called ICONE (where I also came out at the make up section) and I am their International Correspondence.
I talk about the Maxi Dress that was really IN during Summer and of course will continue for Winter, especially the one that is shorter in front and longer in the back. I got some feedbacks about it and actually all of them very positive! so Thank you !
NADINE PONCE My Best Friend appeared on two pages in a Swiss Magazine called FRIDAY (20minuten). It’s a free magazine that comes out every friday at lunch time. So practically everyone reads it. She tells us what her best job was, worst moment in her carrer, what she thinks about Zurich and what she thinks about the other models 🙂 Miss Undercover because not so many people know about her in Switzerland, even tho she lives in Zurich. She’s half German and Brazilian, so that’s why the swiss Press doesn’t know much about her. But I guess now they do ! Finally!
She looks beautiful!

MAGAZINE I guess my first Cover ! Also came out a month ago in Brazil. Thank you to Lilac Store and Basic Store in Araras, Sao Paulo. I did a post about Maxi Necklace and the owner from the store invited me to do the cover with some necklaces from the Store.


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