Vogue Fashion Night Out Milan

September 16, 2012


Well I’m not gonna say that VFNO is awesome… I get really excited before it starts but as soon as I get to the event it’s really annoying. I don’t know if it is just in Milan, I would probably have to try New York one day to see if it is different. I don’t mind to be in crowded places, I mean I love to go to concerts and almost getting smashed, but seriously at VFNO the streets are packed, everyone looks at everyone and whats the whole point of the Night Out? Seeing the new collection? Well for that I would prefer to go the next day to look at the new collections quietly, in peace… for myself!
Anyway, the only cool part about the Night out is the Party after the whole event… otherwise, I don’t know… Not really my thing. Maybe next year it will be different…Last year was fun!

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