December 23, 2012
The 3rd day was very relaxing! I only went to ICEBERG during the day. And at night I was invited for the Stella Jean show. 
ICEBERG… was amazing. My first time and I loved it! I wanted to have some great pictures, so I decided to sit where the photographers sit. So I got the chance to see the whole show from in front. The show was at Via Palermo, where I also went with my model friend Justin when he had to go to the Frankie Morello casting. It’s a big hall, so big big space for a fashion show. The clothes were very nice, very casual with maxi dresses and skirts, trousers and jackets/blazers with details… bright and dark colors. Just what I like! Highlight was also of course to see Cara Delevingne (1st pic. on the right) again. Everyone fell completely in love with her…  
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