NOAH MILLS @ Dolce & Gabbana

December 28, 2012


After 3 years my dream finally came true. I got to meet Noah Mills for the first time. He was at the shopping mall “La Rinascente” to promote his new Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Laetitia Casta. Well, I was veeeeeeeeeery excited to meet him!!! The good part was that not many people knew who he was, so everyone would stand in line to meet Laetitia . I literally didn’t care about her at all 🙂
Laetitia who?
Actually, my plan was only to go to La Rinascente, but the picture my friend took of me and him was horrible, so I decided to go to the store too and get a good picture with him.
At the Dolce store I had the chance to talk to him, since he already knew a bit who I was (thanks to a tweet that he replied haha)…well he is a really nice-charming guy and totally down to earth. Can’t wait to meet him again soon…
If you have never heard of him, check out 2 Broke Girls. He played one of the girls boyfriend and appears a couple of times. And of couse you can also google him or youtube him 🙂 you will find a lot of things..By the way, he’s a part from Dolce like Adam Senn and David Gandy!
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