Interview with DJ MICHAEL PRADO

April 4, 2013
Today we will get to know a bit better Michael Prado, a brazilian DJ that has been successful in the international scene, playing in the best places in Milan. Besides being involved in several projects related to fashion and the partnership with Philipp Plein. Before his Tour to Honk Kong, Beijing and Shanghai amd also involving an invitation to play at Provocateur Sao Paulo,The Dj and Music Producer reserved some minutes of his busy schedule to talk a bit about his trajectory and future projects. 
What is your musical genre?
– I come with the base of progressive electro, that’s what I like the most. It’s my passion and my inspiration…
I also have a passion for Deep House, since I like to play at brunches. And it’s a type of music that you can just listen to without the need of dancing.
So are you working on a new track?
– Yes! I will soon launch my first track called “Puma”, which refers to the sounds of 2011-2012. And of course it’s all progressive electro.
Why “Puma”?
-Actually the name was a joke with my friend because he created a song called “Tiger” and I when I first started creating the track I wanted to use this name as well. But since he published his track first I couldn’t use the same name. So I wanted to use an animal with speed, attitude and transmit what I see in myself. That’s why I chose Puma.
And when is your track coming out?
– It’s coming out soon! !


Since when do you play at Hollywood Milan?
Exactly 4 years ago when I worked as a model in Sao Paulo, Brazil and had a chance to come to Milan where I already worked with music. It was always my dream to play at Hollywood so the organizers from a party called Favela Chic requested me to play at their night and since then I never stopped to play there. I’m the first Brazilian in 22 years to be Resident DJ and they were the ones that opened the door for other opportunities. Thanks to Hollywood I also got the chance to play at Just Cavalli (same group) and also go the south of Italy.
You also play at bars like Baobar and Bond, how did these projects start? 
– How can I say this? Baobar is like a small piece of my country in Milan. The bar has a energy that I haven’t seen in other bars in Milan. I don’t see anyone sad or unhappy there… everyone is just smiling and having fun. It’s a huge pleasure for me to play there. Bond and Just Cavalli brunch are the only places where I can express my feelings towards progressive electro because I think Milan isn’t very open for this kind of music.
How did you start mixing Music and Fashion?
– It started when I went to China where I suddenly got requests to play at fashion shows and thats when I identified myself and realized that everything is connected with music. To watch a movie or even make love without music, isn’t the same. So I joined both of the worlds I like and I fell in love.
After coming back from China I  had meet Philipp Plein’s team and got the chance to play at the parties after the show. But everything started when I did a set with Sarkozy Junior and basically after that they let me create the tracks and mix for the fashion show.
So talking about Philipp Plein’s last Men Fashion Show that was very commented … What was the inspiration and how did you create the mix?
– The men’s collection was based on a future war, with the idea of fashion soldiers. So we did researches and studies with the whole PP Designer team to find the perfect music for the war idea. I created something aggressive, a style called dubstep that is really in right now, with a mix of electro. I recorded the introduction with an american singer and we used the phrase that the stylist used to describe the collection : “We kill for love”.

And what about the Women’s show?
– The show was completely the opposite of the Men’s show. The inspiration was a fairytale… It was incredible, with an amazing opening from Grace Jones and a whole production that cost about 800 thousand euros where they basically turned the Teatro Vetra into a forest.

Are there other plans for Michael Prado, other then your track “Puma”?
– Yes, a lot. Philipp Plein is doing a collection for Dj’s with headphones, bags and exclusive t-shirts. They asked me to produce an album with 10 songs and go on tour to play at the Philipp Plein stores all over the world.
Also I will go to New York in august for an intensive production course.
Do you have any idols?
My idol is only God but in my area I admire Steve Angello (Swedish House Mafia). For his story, his music taste and also because he loves Brazil. When he plays, he gives me this energy that no any other Dj has ever given me.
From a Model to a Dj – did you go thru a lot of prejudices?
-Yes of course. But that’s fine because I can show everyone what I’m able to do. I know how much I fighted and I know what I want to achieve in my life.
For someone that is starting now, do you have any tips?
– If you want to do something, then you have to do it right! The most important is that you have to have a good selection of music and something that people like. And not just do anything for the money or the fame. I also think when you do something with a touch of your own taste then people will like it more.

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