September 25, 2013
KC I had the chance to meet this gorgeous girl during summer. I spent some hours with her in Luzern, Switzerland where we had a small video shoot. She was Miss Switzerland 2010, completely understandable because she’s super nice, beautiful and above all intelligent.
Under the video find a small interview about her and about her modeling career 🙂
Favorite Music? 
I love Hip Hop , RnB and Soul 
Favorite Film?
For which brand would you like to work for?
would be a dream came true if I could work with Elie Saab. He has an amazing
feel for elegance and style. But I also like Burberry, Calvin Klein and of
course Victorias secret.

Who is your favorite designer and model? and
Favorite designer is Elie Saab. I love the
elegance in his designs. You feel tall and flawless in his dresses. My
favorite model is Rosie Huntington. She is a supermodel. She works for
Victorias secret, Burberry and has also acted in movies. 
Which Fashion Magazines, websites and blogs do you visit often?
I  am a Vogue fan and
my favorite blog is Kayture. Kayture is run by a swiss blogger. She is

How do you describe your style?
I would
call my style “elegant”. I love wearing long maxi dresses with

Where do you like to go shopping?
favorite place for shopping would be London. In could shop for hours. You will
find me first in a Karen Millen shop.
Who is your favorite photographer? 
I have worked with many photographers. I find
it very difficult to have just one favorite. I like all the different styles
they have. Pino Gomes is a very talented photographer based in New York. I
really enjoyed the jewelry work with him. Kathelin Lyndia is a fantastic
photographer from Thailand. Her work has something magical.
My favorite Swiss photographer would be Ellin Andereggen. She is so young and
very talented. 
Which is your favorite city? 
favorite city is London. Its my second home.
What is fun about modeling?
What I
love about modeling  is the traveling. I have been to so many cities and
you can meet all kind of different people from all over the world. 
What isn’t fun about modeling?
really miss my family and friends. You are often alone as a model.
Which country is your next stop?
I have been working in Europe and its time to try the American and Asian market
What would you suggest to girls that want to
start modeling now?
as a model is a very hard and not easy job. The most important thing is to stay
yourself. Dont let anyone change you. Dont stop eating. eat healthy.
How do you prepare yourself for/at a shooting?
I need
music for my shootings. 
Do you prefer fashion shows or photoshootings?
I like
both but I prefer the shootings. I dont like the waiting for the catwalk. I
love working hard for a shoot and at the end seeing the work in a magazine or

What was your favorite moment in your carreer
until now?
My best
experience would be my Miss Switzerland year. It was amazing and hard at the
same time. I was allowed to travel all around Switzerland and meet new
As Miss Switzerland 2010
what did you learn during that year?
learnt so many things during my year as a Miss Switzerland. The media were a
big challenge and I would say I can handle them better know. 
How do you keep in shape?
I train
3 times a week athletics. I jump and run.
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