September 23, 2013
 “Only Black” was Philipp Plein’s theme for his women collection presented Saturday during Milan Fashion Week. My friend and I we got there a bit earlier so we had the chance to see the collection backstage before the show. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay longer because the show was about to start. Opening act was australian singer Iggy Azalea with her super track “Work” where she did a great performance on the amazing stage, with big LED screens reflecting on the wall full of mirrors. Iggy Azalea is the perfect image for the Philipp Plein brand, with her refined style with a mix of  the hip hop style (she will be the new face of the Spring Summer 2014 campaign).
Followed by only black models, Plein kept his signature using leather, spikes, swarowski stones, python leather… Dresses done hand-made with pearls, sportive trousers and jackets, but always keeping everything elegant and casual. The colors used were mostly a mix of black and white but also with a touch of holographic blue and pink. Of course what made everything even better during the show was Philipp Plein’s DJ, Michael Prado.
After the show was the after party where Iggy Azalea performed some other songs including “Bounce”.
Like always, it was amazing and an unforgettable night. 

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fotos: Philipp Plein facebook page and my instagram.

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