December 16, 2013


I’m starting this week with a small interview with Anja Leuenberger, a swiss model that is currently working a lot in New York. I met her for the first time 3 years ago at the first Mercedes Benz Fashion Days in Zurich. A very strong girl that knows exaclty what she wants. Represented by her mother agency Fotogen in Zurich Anja is represented by the the bests agencies around the world. She has just done the online-catalog for Victoria’s Secret, so we hope we will see her next year on the Victoria’s Secret runway with all the Top Models. Keep your eyes open because I’m sure this girl will take over the world!

Age:  21 
Nationality:  Swiss/ Italian
Agencies: Fotogen Zurich, Elite New New York , Carmen Duran Spain, City Models Paris , Boom Models Milan , Most Wanted Germany
Height: 5.10 – 1.79cm 
Favorite Music?:  Hip hop/ Rap , chill house and all kind of it ;)!
Favorite Film?: The Notebook
For which brand or magazine would you like to work for?: Vogue , Alexander Wang , Prada ,  Ralph Lauren and many others… 


Who is your favorite designer and why?
Alexander Wang! I just love his designs… for no reason. I just love it !
Which Fashion magazines, websites and blogs do you visit often?
Not so many to tell you the truth but I like to read VOGUE time to time. 
How would you describe your style?
Express yourself! depends… most of the time cheeky and not chic. Depends on my mood…
Where do you like to shop?
Urban outfitters ,H&m , Aldo Macy’s but mostly vintage shops and shops that you just find walking through the city.
Whats your favorite city? 
Los Angeles and NYC  
What is not fun about modeling?
The waiting time 🙂 but that’s everywhere like this. One is most of the time alone but then it’s nice to go back home again.
What would you suggest to girls that want to start modeling now?
Don’t let anyone fool you. You need a lot of self confidence…discipline and the will of doing things. But the most important is to always believe in yourself.
How do you prepare for a shooting?
Not much, usually before the shooting they tell me how everything should be and what attitude the client wants.  
Do you prefer Fashion Shows or Photoshootings?
I love to do both. At the shootings one gets to express more but on the runway the feeling is priceless. 
What has been the best experience so far?
Actually all my experiences were great since I started and I grew a lot with my job. 
How do you stay in shape?
During Fashion Week I stay in shape running to all the castings. Otherwise I do a lot of yoga
to keep my balance and relax.

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