Best of 2013

January 3, 2014
2013 I don’t even know how to start to talk about 2013. When I think back only some moments pop up in my mind… but going through my pictures I saw that so many things happened and I had some great and bad moments. It was a year with a lot of disappointments, unfortunately I lost some contacts with people that had been in my life for some years, but I think this is normal. A lot of people that don’t understand why I am in Milan, or don’t understand how I live or what my dreams are, my goals… etc. But that of course doesn’t keep me from doing the things I like or want to do. My parents, my family, my best friends and my coworkers keep me happy and give me the strength everyday…so a big thank you to all of you!
First of all I want to talk about Jordana, Michela, Alessandra and Iris… 4 girls that have a big place in my heart. 4 girls that I spend many many many days together. A friendship that grew stronger day by day. Girls that I have a lot in common with even though we are very different at some point. I know that I can count on you girls so thank you for being a part of my life.
Same to my two Sofie’s and Nadine… Even though you girls are far away you girls are a part of my life and I love you and miss you three everyday.
Beginning of January was when I started working on my portfolio, going after ideas, fabrics, doing drawings everyday and technicals. I managed to finish everything perfectly until the end of June. I finished my school with 29 points out of 30. I’m pretty happy about that. I can officially say I am a graduated Fashion Designer for Menswear! 🙂
January, February, June and September were the months of Fashion Week. I went to sooooo many shows in the last two years that I don’t even know how many, because it was a lot 🙂 I never thought that I would be going to Fashion Shows, that it actually would turn into a passion, because seriously I just love it. It’s one week of excitement, happiness, stress and a lot of people in town. Models, Photographers, Fashion People…everything around me. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be in this world? Seeing the new collections, meeting designers, going to soooooooo many parties and after parties… it’s crazy!!!!
Also after two years I realized that one of my passions are the Models. Being surrounded by models and doing pictures/films of them made me wanna be surrounded by them every single day 😉 So I decided that I wanted to work in a Model Agency to see how it is. I started working at ICE Models, thank you Luigi !! And also thank you Benedetta for helping me out… you guys and the whole team make me laugh everyday and of course I also learned a lot in the last few months!!!! 2014 can only be better!! 🙂
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to go home to Zurich that much this year, but it’s always nice to go home and still have your friends waiting for you. Especially my parents, I love you soooooooooooo much… it’s indescribable <3 I hope to be able to give you back one day everything you have given me! Muito amor!
February I went to London again to spend it some days with my best friend Nadine, I had a great time and I realized that that’s the place I want to live one day. I hope really really soon!!
Again, unfortunately I didn’t go to Brazil to see my family, I hope I get to go this year. Because I miss everyone every… single… day! But this year my cousin Nathalia came for two weeks to Europe and we went to Budapest with her. That was great!
Also one thing that I have to mention, one thing that happened this year… was the “obsession” with One Direction haha. After their concert and seeing Harry Styles end of december about 1 meter from us, Alessandra and I became big fans. Not groupies…but fans. This is something that my friends can’t and will never understand, except Alessandra and all the other girls that we are taking into our 1D family… 🙂 The boys and their music make me happy! So no one will ever be able to change what I think about them…no matter how old I am! basta! We are Directioners!!!
I know I haven’t mentioned many people and many things that happened this year. But I have everything saved in my heart and in my mind. Thank you for everything and HAPPY 2014!! I know this year will be great and many good things will happen!! Lots of love…..
PS: Justin, Adel, Una, Anastasia, Zhanna, Kate, Nadia, Harriet, Anisha, Malvina, Eralda, Cintia, Ivan, Ingrid, Keenan, Michael Prado, Dibran, Mattia, Stephanie, Laurin, Gianin, Giulia, Polly, Alexandra, Peter, everyone from the We Love Party crew, all the models, Designers, Bloggers, Photographers, Dj’s, Stylist, Make Up artists… GRAZIE <3

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