April 25, 2014


Today I want to introduce the brand ZINETASTYLE. Last week I went to visit the designer Zineta in her showroom. We had a long talk about the fashion world and about her brand. Zineta is an ex-model, supermodel agent and the owner of the model agency Visage in Zurich, a beautiful agency near the lake. She likes to travel to big cities like New York, Paris, Bangkok, Singapore but also to countries like India, Burma and Egypt. She started her happy bracelets two years ago just doing it for herself until her friends and random people during Fashion Week asked her where she got the beautiful colorful bracelets from. After realizing that the bracelets could be a hit she decided to produce them and make her own collection.

The goal behind the bracelets are to make people fell happy and give them a positive energy about life, with quotes on it like “Loving the life”, “Loving the love”, “Believe and you will see” and “Love is a light”. Zineta doesn’t call herself a jewelry designer, she just likes to put things together that she feels, likes and loves. This is why she combines the colors the way she likes inspiring herself from her travels or just from daily conversations with her friend that give her good energy and inspire her spiritually.

Her creations are made in Bali where she goes very often to visit her team. What I liked about the bracelets was that Zineta and her team in Bali have a ritual. They put the stones and pearls outside in the sun for a couple of hours to get a good energy and then later they pray. So it’s not just called a happy bracelet to make money with it but it really is a bracelet that was put a lot of love in each one.

You can find her homepage and her social medias at the end of the post. She also creates necklaces so make sure to check them out.

“Style is not about fashion, it is your own inspiration that could become fashion”– Zineta Blank


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WWW.ZINETASTYLE.COM and follow Zinetastyle on FACEBOOK

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