“ICONIC 18” for Esquire Serbia

October 13, 2015

Dear friends and followers, you’re about to see the pictures and videos of like MY MOST AMAZING-BESTEST-COOLEST-AWESOMEST DAY EVER! I got to “hang out” a day long with 18 dudes… by dudes I mean Top Models. By Top Models I mean Francisco Lachowski, Marlon Teixeira, Edward Wilding, Lars Burmeister, Diego Fragoso, Travis Smith, John Halls, Tobias Sorensen, Parker Gregory, Elia Cometti, Laurin Krausz, Mariano Ontanon, Florian Van Bael, Misa Patinszki, Clark Bockelman, Patrick Kafka, Vito Boyadzhiev and Andy Walters.

I filmed backstage and was responsable for the social media pictures. Basically a pretty cool job… The shooting took place in June on the first day of Fashion Week. So I had a show in the morning and went to the shooting around 11am. The results came out last week and the pictures are just beautiful. Photographer was Adriano Russo that did a great job. My friend Ivan Rasic styled the boys. Ivona Milosevic and Gabrielle Trezzi were responsable for the Hair & Make Up.

If you can get your hands on a ESQUIRE SERBIA… you kinda have to get it because it is ah-mazing!!! xxx

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