January 17, 2012
DAY 1 of Milan Fashion Week was exhausting. Sofie and I were supposed to go and work backstage at CoStume National as dresser. I was allowed to take pictures of the Models while they were having their make up done by MAC Cosmetics and since I was busy doing that we had completely forgotten to choose our Model to dress up. So we ended up watching the show 🙂
I still have to edit and upload the video from Backstage at Costume National… but here the explanation about the collection…
“Bohemians and dreamers’ read the press release but what came down the runway were looks suited to professional circumstances and textures that were more about precise suiting and the future – the very latest in textile technology was demonstrated by Costume National today. Knitwear and leather blended seamlessly into one garment, thermo-welding bound different materials together to make one double-faced textile, mohair was fused with cloth and Fustian with felt. Indeed felt seemed to be a big theme for the first half of the show.
Liquid leather was another material that was designed into little bomber or biker jackets with lamb fur trims but nothing was ever as it seemed, often what was leather at the front turned to knitwear at the back, all without seams. Smart, three buttoned, thin lapelled, tailored jackets at the front were knitted cardigans from the back. Some trench-coats were worn as rucksacks via straps on the shoulders.
Trousers came in two fits, either skinny or the ‘cropped carrot’ (think Kris Van Assche at Dior Homme and you’re on the right track). The colour palette moved through Anthacite grey, Bordeaux, a peacock blue and cream.
Additionally interesting ideas came with the accessories. For example a clutch bag that transformed into a shopping bag or a man-bag with a sheath through which the hand slips to hold the item. Very masculine, quite tough, each bag was increasingly more eye-catching. As the line of models walked the finale Bohemian dreaming isn’t hat came to mind but maybe the Costume National man is dreaming of new, better ways in which to do business and imagining new technologies through which to do it. As we all know the world yearns for that. 
– Sarah Hay
The Head, Guided By Voices
Destroyer, Leave Me Alone
On our way to Viale Piave, 24 (my favorite place during fashion week), where the Dolce & Gabbana show is, we bumped into Chiara Ferragni (if you don’t know her visit her amazing blog THE BLONDE SALAD). I was really happy to see her, I was always wondering when I would bump into her in Milan and that day finally happend. I think she is amazing, her blog is interesting and she has soo much style. I talked a bit with her and she is a very sweet person.
At the Dolce & Gabbana show we asked if it would be possible to get in and watch the show (its my dream, since I’m such a huge Dolce fan) but it wasn’t possible. I hope next time. But at the end of the show we saw all the models coming out, and a lot of girls were waiting for Francisco Lachowski that actually didn’t even walk for the show… neither did Noah Mills (I was VERY upset). Solange Knowles was the celebrity guest at the show. Anyways, we walked thru whole Milan the whole day and we were so tired that we didn’t even go out on Saturday.
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