January 21, 2012
DAY 2 MONCLER GAMME BLEU FW 12/13 was on Sunday at 7 pm. We didn’t have invitations but we thought it would be a nice try to get in. I really wanted to see the show because Hans was walking and I had heard that they always do something special. So we got there and I had asked some people from the Press if it was possible to get in, but I only heard no’s. Hans came out of Backstage to say hi to us and some model friends of his, that were also trying to get in. So we decided to stick with them… While Sofie was saying “I love Fashion TV” to fashion tv (haha) we were trying to get in…

So the show was at Palazzo Clerici, where also the show from Marco de Vincenzo was. The place is amazing, very old, baroque style (I’m in love with that place).
The collection was inspired by Formula 1, so at the entrance were a lot of small little cars. It was very interesting, there were about 5 different rooms where each had an astronaut-esque model dressed in tailored and waisted jumpsuits and white helmets. They introduced each model by their name and explained what they were wearing. The colors were white, yellow and splashes of burgundy. I really loved it, especially the yellow.

After the show I saw Henry de Castillon, a friend of mine that I haven’t seen for years. And he was wearing this cool t-shirt. Well just look at his style… I like it a lot 🙂
There will be no post anymore about Fashion Week. For us it finished on Sunday. Monday my friend Edison Kelmendi walked for Versace. I’m very proud of him… he looked AMAZING! 🙂
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