Hans, Richard, Raphael & Senad – Video Shooting

January 21, 2012

NEW VIDEOS Finally!!!! I’m sooooo happy with my new videos. I think they are great! The boys were amazing in front of the camera and I had sooooooo much fun filming and editing.
My living room in my apartment looked like a small “studio”. We moved my sofa so that we had this big white wall. Richard had this great idea to play with the lamp and then we thought it would be nice to play a bit with the light, so we took aluminium and put it on a frame. It looked pretty cool and actually kinda “professional”.

A big Thank you to Hans, Raphael, Richard and Senad for the videos. Also to Sofie because she helped me and since last week she is my assistant (haha)

The videos have been online for some days now and Hans has almost 2’000 views already! So guys please keep on watching and enjoying !


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