Milano Unica – Salone Italiano del Tessile

September 20, 2012
I went to “Ippodromo del Galoppo” in Milano for a Fashion Show with my friend Larissa to see my friend Janine Heini walk for “10 New International Designers”. The clothes were amazing and one collection (picture above) reminded me of some pieces from the Prada S/S 2012 collection.
Here are all the Designers if you would like to check them out : 
Women’s Wear
CO I TE (Italy)
Huishan Zhang (China)
Omer Asim (Sweden)
Michael Lo Sordo (Australia)
Men’s Wear
Camo (Italy)
Tim Coppens (Belgium)
After the Fashion Show we had a “Light Dinner” with some risotto and wine. And then, for the first time in my life I saw a Horse race where people could bet on the horses. That was pretty awesome!
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