November 5, 2012
SHOES.SHOES.BAGS.BAGS Just before Fashion Week I went to the MICAM shoe and MIPEL Bag trade show. It was held a bit outside milan but very easy to acces by metro. I went Monday and Tuesday. Both days I spend at the MICAM Shoe event, where I had the chance to get a Blogger Pass. That was really awesome. Thank you to “I Love Italian Shoes”! I passed by the stand from Manas, Andrea Morelli and Byblos.
Since I am a big shoe fan for me the trade show was a dream. I wish I could have bought everything…from high heels, wedges, ballerinas, sneakers, etc.
My favorite shoes were definitely the ones with the studs and the spikes.

Here a bit about “I LOVE ITALIAN SHOES” 
text from the I love Italian shoes facebook page

About is the home of famous italian shoes, selling only top quality Made in Italy shoes. The best shoes’ brands who guarantee the real Made in Italy excellence..

I Love Italian Shoes was born thanks to a project of ANCI, Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association, which associates more than 750 “Made in Italy” shoes producers. ANCI represents today the voice of the Italian Shoe Industry in the world.

Official Facebook Page for A.N.C.I. – Italian Footwear Manufacturers’ Association

I Love Italian Shoes’ goal is to offer different shoes’ models:
ankle shoes, boots and half boots, decolletes, elegant shoes, flat and heels shoes.
Also on the customer can find every kind of shoes for every day life or cerimonies, for casual or evening time.
And it is not just for women, but also for men, kids and teenagers.

I Love Italian Shoes is synonymous of the most important values like quality, class and style, creative and innovative design, utilization of the finest materials, everything melted with the concept of trust and reliability which only Italian shoes can offer.

For all of these reasons, we can be sure that all of the brands which we have selected and all the shoes we sell on www.iloveitalinshoes.eusymbolize certainly the excellence of Italian shoe industry.

Discover the entire collection on the website www.iloveitalianshoe.euand purchase a pair of authentic Italian shoes, receiving them directly at home in all countries of the EU. 

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