November 9, 2012
I Only had two invitations for the first day, but that didn’t matter. Better than nothing 🙂 I got invited for Elena Miro and Simonetta Ravizza. Check out the pictures.
ELENA MIRO. My first show during Fashion Week was from Elena Miro. I wasn’t expecting anything and I have to say that I completely forgot that Elena Miro makes clothes for women that aren’t a size 0. For me she gets a 10 for that. Finally someone that actually books models that are size 8 or 10 maybe? I thought the collection was beautiful and it showed that also an curvy women can look amazing with prints, high waisted leather skirt or a corset.
I loved it… what did you think?
SIMONETTA RAVIZZA. The Fashion Show was close to San Babila and luckely not too far from the Elena Miro show. Maybe you remember my last post about Ravizza’s FASHION SHOW. This collection was one of my favorites from the whole Fashion Week. Very african with earthy tone, leather pieces and fur. Accessories in form of leopard prints and horn handle bags. A lot of prints and vertical stripes.
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