January 31, 2013
CORNELIANI was the first show this season. It was held just beside my apartment, so I could get up a bit later and be there a bit earlier then usual. I love the Fashion Shows in the morning because they always have a huge buffet with orange juices, coffee, brioche and sweeeets. Thats something makes the day start very good… The show started almost on time and I LOVED the show, especially because there were only goooooood models such as David Agbodji, RJ King, Alexandre Cunha, Clement Chabernaud, Alexander Beck, Adrian Cardoso and my friend Laurin Krausz. Corneliani is known for  it’s suits and there was also a lot of knitwear, sweaters, coats and leather jacket. The colors went from grey to red and black to beige. I loved it… Probably every guy would would look handsome in a Corneliani suit 🙂
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