TOM REBL Fashion Show

January 25, 2013


TOM REBL  ‘s show took place one day before the official starting day of Fashion Week. It took place at the underground location LOFT 21 here in Milan. I loved the collection, I thought it was very crazy and very creative. The red coat with the fur was one of my favorite pieces.
After the Show there was an after party were I met a lot of great and funny people. Check out the pictures and the press release…
Here is the press release from the Fall / Winter 2013-14 collection.
Since the start of the brand, ideas, individuality and authenticity have developed the brand TOM REBL from underground to an international presence today with a cult following the mixture of superb technical skills and Tom’s captivating creativity give the collections its extraordinary twist and international appeal. Tom Rebl is known for his edgyness, which is loved by people who like to cultivate an avant-garde reputation. Amongst his fans and clients are numerous celebrities and personalities. 
The Fall / Winter 2013-14 collection “RADICAL ILLUSION” is radical in the mix of ancient hunting rituals in a modern man-made surrounding.
“… to hunt:
1. to chase or search for the purpose of catching or killing.
2. to pursue with force, hostility, in order to capture…”
Beastly hair sculüptures transform the silhouette into wild creatures illuminated by razor-sharp lasers.
Materials like snakeskin, leather, PVC coatings and lurex jacquards keep the monochromatic colour palette diversified, rich and luxurious.
Black is dominating the collection whith a variety of different shades and textures. 
Dark red is lighting up in between like splashes of blood.

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