July 7, 2013

“VOYAGE TO THE FAR EAST” Corneliani was as always beautiful and classy. It was the first fashion show for this Fashion Week and it was at a beautiful location. Amazing bright colors that fit perfectly to the location… the models were all handsome and of course like last season only the Top boys like Corey Baptiste, Adrian Cardoso, Laurin Krausz, Clément Chabernaud, Simone Nobili, Florian Van Bael, Charlie France, Alexandre Cunha, David Agbodji, James Smith and many mooooooore. Here is the Press release for the collection…

“Voyage to the far East”

From Mantua to Shanghai via Sumatra. For Spring/Summer 2014, the Corneliani man…
stretches his horizons to the edges of the Far East, the fashion system’s new centre
of gravity, an increasingly cosmopolitan destination influenced by a blend of customs
and new cultures.

Sergio Corneliani, the Mantua-based company’s Creative Director, has traced the
legendary routes of Marco Polo to explore a sophisticated concept of contemporary
elegance. “It’s impossible to think about fashion without pushing our boundaries.
We must consider the needs of the global market, which is characterised by the
existence of different styles and cultures and constantly evolving taste. Today’s man
is a ‘travelling man’ who wants an invaluable, high quality wardrobe on his travels
that reflects traditional tailoring but also with special, personalised details. Taking
these cornerstones as my starting point, I designed a collection steeped in cultural
meanings, memories and influences, attempting to mix the sobriety that is typical of
our company with more exotic touches.

“I took my inspiration from Mantua, my home town and a centre for Renaissance art,
to reinterpret Andrea Mantegna’s work for the Bridal Chamber in the Castle of St.
George, borrowing his decorative theme of interlinked circles as the leitmotiv for the
wardrobe and sometimes laser-printing them onto leather. The distinguishing detail is
the Nehru collar with visible sartorial stitching.”

It is precisely this jacket that reflects the mood of the collection, a melting pot of
western aesthetics and oriental style in glossy, brilliant fine pure silk and silk/linen-mix
fabrics. The more opaque fabrics too are enlivened by bright colours, such as a touch
of aquamarine paired with black and white in the shantung suit, or splashes of faded
cherry red on loose-weave cotton knits, as well as timeless blue, in a range of shades
up to indigo, found in the suits, trench coats and pea coats.

The brighter shades of yellow, gold and ochre are inspired by China and make the
silk jackets sumptuous, while softer, sophisticated colours are used on the strips of
knitted leather.
Mantegna’s influence can also be seen in the little circles on the honey-coloured punched
leather jackets with Nehru collar and in the zip-up pea jacket in ultra-light nylon.

The lines of the jacket are tapered with small lapels that create a slender, longer
silhouette, emphasised by closer-fitting trousers.
A fine touch of subtle intellectual exoticism in the informal brown silk and linen suit
with “relaxed jacket” is interwoven with a style whose roots lie in meticulous tailoring
traditions and irreplaceable hand-crafted techniques.

Quality, exclusivity and comfort are the distinguishing features of Italian fashion and a
tradition for Corneliani, which has been taking its brand of elegance around the world
for over 50 years. 

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