October 13, 2013
I did a Beautiful video here in Milan of my friend Valerya. Check out the video and the small interview bellow…
Favorite Music?
I like all kinds of music actually, depends of my mood.

Favorite Film?
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas 🙂

For which brand would you like to work for?
Well I would love to work for Calzedonia or Intimissimi, there’s a lot of brands that I would wish to work for but those two are my biggest wish, for now.

Which Fashion Magazines, websites and blogs do you visit often?
From Magazines I like to read Vogue or Elle, I don’t check a lot of blogs, only few ones from my friends..

Who is your favorite photographer?
I really like work of James Russell and Mario Testino and of course I like the awesome style of Terry Richardson!

Which is your favorite city? 
Barcelona for sure, I completely love this city!

What is fun about modeling? 
Well you meet a lot of new, interesting people from all over the world, you travel a lot and the feeling you get when you see the result of the job you did is amazing.

What isn’t fun about modeling? 
Well you are in stress almost all the time, a lot of things are last minute and unsure! You always have too be ready for disappointment but never take it too personal!

Which country would you love to go? 
Brazil, it’s the first country on my list that I want to visit!

What would you suggest to girls that want to start modeling now? 
Watch out for what you eat, take care of your body and health and think a lot about every step that you make in this job!

How do you prepare yourself for/at a shooting? 
Shaved, washed hair, clean face and body, fixed nails and it’s better to put some body and face cream on yourself before your work!

Do you prefer fashion shows or photoshootings? 
How do you keep in shape?
I work out every 4-5 times a week, but really simple work out, and it’s only for an hour per day and I watch what I eat 🙂


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