April 3, 2014


For all the bag lovers out there:The Bucket Bag is circulating again!!!

Founded in 1932 by Louis Vuitton, it had it’s peak in the late 80s, early 90s and was broadcasted by the cinema. Back then, still developed by LV, the bag made a lot of success with the model Noé Bag and Petit Noé. Currently, several brands relaunched their versions with different shapes, colors and many other ways without losing the old concept that returned dominating the street style.

What is awesome is that the Bucket Bag has a large storage capacity and a substantial volume. Also, it’s length is exactly at the height of the hip where it catches attention, so it’s not really suitable for those who have wide hips or thick thighs. If this is your case but still want to join the trent, opt for smaller versions. If you have an old vintage LV from your mother or grand mother make sure that it is a bit dirty… that makes it special.

Check out some designs below and if you don’t have one yet, go and get one!

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