August 20, 2015

First, I am really sorry for my lack of updating the blog. I have been trying to Log into my account for weeks and somehow it always has an error without me even doing anything… Anyway I’m glad that its working now and I hope it wont happen again 🙂

A month ago I had the chance to go as Media to the Montreux Jazz Festival and see one of my favorite bands THE KOOKS. The band consists of Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Peter Denton and Alexis Nunez. I’m sure you have heard of them, probably you know them because of the song “Naiv” that came out in 2006. I have been their fan since then and until last year I never had seen them live. But lucky me, this year I will see them even twice 🙂
MJF is in Montreux. A small town in Switzerland just by the Geneva Lake. I got there the same day from Zurich, a 2,5 hours train ride and when you get there you get mesmerized by the Geneva Lake. It’s such a beautiful place and at the festival good vibe came out from every corner. Meaning, there were stages outside the Festival with bands playing, lots lots of good food stands, jewelry stands, of course drinks and happy people singing and dancing. When I got there I had to look for the Media/Press area to get my badge. Unfortunately I had to follow some rules, so I couldn’t take any pictures during the concert or record anything for my blog.

I missed KWABS before The Kooks that got on stage around 9:30 at the Jazz LAB. The location was great because it wasn’t that big so it gave you that “intimate” feeling. The boys got on stage and hit it off with “Around Town” from their new album Listen that came out last year. The vibe inside the LAB was great, people were singing, dancing, drinking, so I guess very happy too! What I really like about The Kooks is that on stage they sound exactly like their Album. I’m not really a fan of concerts where they play the songs differently. Looks like they’re trying to be super cool… (haha) Because I mean we also want to sing along right?
The Kooks sang pretty much the whole “LISTEN” album and some old songs like “She moves in her own way”, “Seaside” and at the end “Naiv”!

My friend had only started listening to their album some days before the show and he freakin’ loved it! 🙂
The band really gives out a cool rock’n’roll vibe so if you haven’t seen them make sure to check them out live!

I have to say it was one of their coolest shows in Switzerland so far and I’m super excited to see them again next week. #thekooks4ever

Montreux Jazz can’t wait to be back next year and hopefully I get to go more days!
Merci beaucoup et à la prochaine! xx

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